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Circumcision is a procedure that removes the sleeve of skin (foreskin) which covers the tip of the penis (glans).  Sometimes it is necessary for a boy to be circumcised for medical reasons or the decision to circumcise may be for social or religious reasons.  This is a personal choice made by parents and circumcision is an operation the Drs Borzi and Choo are happy to discuss with you and to perform at the request of parents.

Although there are medical indications for male circumcision, it is the policy of the Australasian College of Paediatric Surgeons and the Paediatrics and Child Health Division of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians that, "there is no indication for routine circumcision of male new born and infants". 


The Doctors policy is to circumcise boys after the age of 6 months under a general anaesthetic in Hospital as a day procedure.  The reason for this is that the surgeon can achieve a good cosmetic result when the children are a little older and the child has minimal pain.   There is also some abnormalities of the penis that are not always apparent in new born babies and if corrective surgery is required at a later stage a neonatal circumcision may compromise any corrective surgery.  The Doctors do not use the Plastibel method but use a traditional surgical technique and the procedure is complete on the day of surgery.


An initial consultation can be arranged once your child is around three months of age and the operation scheduled once he is 6 months of age.  You will need a referral to see the Doctor from either your Paediatrician or General Practitioner.


Queensland Department of Health has changed it’s policy on circumcision in Public Hospitals.  They now can only be performed in a Public Hospital if they are medically warranted.  Circumcisions for Religious or Social reasons can only be performed in a Private Hospital.  If you do not have Private Health Insurance we can provide a quote to have the circumcision performed.


If your son needs to be circumcised for a medical reason and you have no Private Insurance then you can opt to have the surgery performed in a Public Hospital (LCCH) and we will arrange to have your child’s name placed on the Public waiting list.  You will not be guaranteed that Dr Borzi or Dr Choo will perform the surgery. Public hospitals are training institutions and surgical trainees may perform part or all of the surgery under supervision of a Consultant. 




Discharge from Hospital:

Circumcision is a day only procedure and therefore your child will usually be discharged the same day following his surgery.



Once you son is fully awake after his procedure he will be offered clear fluids and if this is tolerated he can then progress to a normal diet.  Infants can resume breast feeding or formula once that have tolerated water


Pain Relief:

Your son will have an anaesthetic block in the theatre that usually last for 8 – 10 hours.  After this Paracetamol or Nurofen or a combination of both is the drug of choice.  The Nurse and or Anaesthetist will advise you of the dosage before you leave the Hospital.  For older children Painstop may also be used and again the Anaesthetist will advise you.

NOTE:  Do not use Aspirin as this may promote bleeding. 


Wound Care:

The stitches should dissolve within 10-14 days.  Expect some swelling, redness and a degree of bruising around the penis.  A white membrane might develop on the head of the penis which is normal and this will come away after a week or so.  Slight bleeding and some clear blood stained ooze is common for a few days.  If oozing continues, discontinue Nurofen for pain relief and only use Panadol.

After 24 hours, salt baths can be helpful with healing.  After bathing apply Vaseline to the penis or if too tender apply Vaseline to the inside of the nappy or undies.



Vomiting post anaesthetic may occur and it is best to give nothing for an hour and then only offer water in small amounts until the vomiting/nausea have stopped.


You should contact the Doctors rooms if the following occurs:

  • Your son has difficulty passing urine

  • Develops a temperature above 38

  • His pain is not relieved by the recommended dose of Panadol of Nurofen

  • He penis becomes very red and inflamed or a discharge develops from the wound

  • There is significant bleeding from the penis


Back to School:

Keep your child home for 2 to 3 days.  If you child has no discomfort then school can be commenced 7 days after the operation.  Older boys tend to be slower to recover from surgery.  Swimming can be commenced 10 days after the operation.


Follow up appointment:

Please arrange to see the Doctor approximately 4 weeks after surgery for a post-operative review.   If you have concerns before your appointment, please call the practice.  For our country patients your review could either be via SKYPE or with your local GP.

Disclaimer:  This web site is not intended as a substitute for your own independent health professional’s advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider within your country or place of residency with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition

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